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Specialists in genetically bred hackle for traditional flies

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Located in Northern Ireland, Bronte Hackle is proud to be Ireland’s only genetically bred hackle. Acquired from David Rice back in 2006 this flock was originally Darbee and Miner stock brought to the UK from the U.S.A many years ago. This is why David considered his hackle to be the finest in Europe but never really had the time to develop the birds any further. With David’s advice and our ongoing commitment we have produced today’s pelts but continue to refine and develop our birds for the fly-tying market. We grade all our pelts from a tyers perspective. Our pelts have thin supple stems on par with other breeders and are also judged on the range of hook sizing provided, density of hackle and barbs etc. We also put emphasis on its unique colour and application to the European market. With the American influence on smaller sizes and stiffer hackles many traditional flies for rivers, lakes and Loughs in Ireland and the UK were not possible and many natural colours were unavailable.

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