Bronte Hackle Roosters

Specially reared to provide the traditional Irish and UK fly tyer with the highest quality Rooster products

Rooster Capes Bronte Hackle

The colours that are available are:
Light dun
Medium dun
Brassy dun
Chocolate dun
Dark grey dun
Dun badger
Medium brown dun
Red game

∗Please note some of the colours are limited

There are variations within these colours as these are a natural product e.g. silver badger, golden badger etc. However to aid clarity I have kept the list of colours to the traditional list only as I feel others have confused colours and themselves. Some colours I have not listed as they might be one off colours within the flock and we may not be able to reproduce them again in any significant quantity.
We do not dye any of our capes at the moment. If you have anything specific in mind or are having difficulty with any of the colours please contact me. I am very happy to e-mail pictures of colours or send samples where that is possible.

To check product and colour availability you can also visit our distributors website by clicking on the SHOP link in the main menu.

Rooster Colour Options 1
Rooster Colour Options 2
Rooster Colour Options 3