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An overview of the products in the Bronte Hackle range

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All my birds at Bronte Hackle are reared with great care and attention to their welfare. It is a real family affair with everyone helping in some shape or form. One of the great benefits of being a small scale operation is that the flock can be nurtured better. We feel that this extra care is reflected in the quality of our pelts. From hatching to harvesting they are given as natural a life as possible. Once the chicks have started to feather out under the brooding lamps they are put out onto grass in release pens. The next stage is moving the young birds into larger houses with even larger pens and finally released to range freely on the farm. From now on the selection process begins. Every bird is individually graded and the next generations parents selected. The birds are only harvested when ready however long that may take. At Bronte Hackle we have put a lot of time and effort into producing a quality natural pelt for the discerning tyer.
While our primary focus is obviously on our high quality Rooster and Hen flock, where we utilise as much of the pelt as possible to bring you high quality products, we do also rear other species. These are mainly Jungle Cock and Guinea Fowl but as with all birds we rear the same high quality standards are in place, if they are not good enough they do not reach our distributor, as a result the quantities available to the tyer can be limited. Please check with our distributor, Rodgers Fishing Tackle, through the SHOP link on the main menu for availability.